Stc wifi router setting

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Stc wifi router setting

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stc wifi router setting

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Food Cupboard Confectionery. Brands Lego L. Show Only. From SAR. To SAR. Stc Wifi Router 4G 1, Items found. Sponsored Products. FREE Shipping. Quick View. Samsung Mobile Hotspot 4G This item is currently out of stock. FREE Shipping on orders over Import Fees Deposit. Ships from Abroad. Available Bundles. Main Features: View full product details. Order now, only 0 left in stock! QTY Add to cart. Sold by.All modern routers provide a configuration interface administration panel that you can access in your web browser.

Follow the steps on this page to access and configure your home router. Reasons you might need to change the configuration of your home router include:. Every router is different. Even routers made by the same manufacturer may use different configuration tools, depending on the model. So to configure your router, it's important to consult the manual that corresponds with your exact router model.

stc wifi router setting

If you don't know which model router you have, check the router enclosure for the identifying information. If you no longer have the printed manual that came with your router, you can find the documentation online, at your manufacturer's support website. Here are some quick links to the support sites for popular routers:. Most modern routers provide an administration Control Panel that can be accessed through your web browser. You can connect to it in your web browser, as if it were a website.

The page is served to your browser directly from your router. If none of the above listed IP addresses work for you, consult your manual. Some routers may reserve a special local address that automatically brings you to your router's web interface. For instance, many Netgear routers can be accessed by navigating to routerlogin. You can also find your router's address by asking your computer's network hardware what it is.

See determining your router addressbelow, for more information. At this prompt, enter your router's administrator username and password — note that this not the same as the password to connect to your network.

STC Broadband 4G Router APN Settings for Huawei

If you don't know this information, consult your router's manual. It may also be printed on the router itself. Some router manufacturers create a unique login for each router, and some use a default that's the same for every unit of that model. If you're still stuck, you can always try one of the traditional default combinations:. Be careful! If you change something you don't understand, you might accidentally disable or degrade the performance of your network.

If you change any settings, write down your changes on a piece of paper or record them in a text file so they can be used in the future if needed.

Once you're able to access your router see the previous section for instructionsyou may change the default name SSID and password. To do so, follow the instructions below.

However, keep in mind that every router is a bit different so the steps used to find the wireless password section of your router may vary. If you cannot find the wireless security section, consult your router's owner's manual.

If you make a mistake configuring your router, or if you can't log in with your router's default username and password, you can reset your router to its factory default settings. On most wireless routers, a button devoted to this function is located in back of the device.

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The button may or may not be labeled, and it may be recessed so that it can only be pressed with the end of a paperclip.Easily access your router settings and control your wifi network with the With simple words the app will let you access and manage router settings setup and LAN settings. Configuring a wifi network, changing wifi password, seeing your gateway the basic is Now with the power of the Android apps like our Best App for router password and router configuration and also for wifi password change.

How to Set up a Home Network Router

We have added wifi thief detection by wifi analyzer by which you can check who use my wifi and use wps wpa tester. Manage router app you get several router admin features.

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That you will also be able to change wifi password and user name as you want. And the ability to change internet password, is not only the great feature about this router configuration app.

You can also see your IP, lease and service time and much more! The best and easy way for you is Router setup page password show which is very helpful. App supports new routers with wps connect like best one wifi dumper. We have included wifi scanner which you can use as wifi monitor with wifi warden to see who use my wifi and become wifi thief detector including wps wpa tester.

The best feature of all time is Router setup page password show from which you can very easily change router password. It was so much difficult before to change password wifi. You can now also do the router password change. If you are eager to control and find out key information about your wifi router, get our Best App for router password and wifi router settings with wifi password change.

This app works with wps pin routers which uses wps connect to make a wps connection without password for which wps dumper apps are available. Get it for wps wpa tester!. Common gateways are Everyone can change router password. Some people may simply refer to it as change internet password. Professionals may need this app for the router configuration. This app works best with the ptcl.

This is very best suited if someone use the technicolor. At last we also have added support for the new routers featuring wps connect as wifi warden. Overview Specs. From Selairus International: Easily access your router settings and control your wifi network with the We have included wifi scanner which you can use as wifi monitor with wifi warden to see who use my wifi and become wifi thief detector including wps wpa tester Now you can change password wifi and the easy way for Wifi password change.

This app works with wps pin routers which uses wps connect to make a wps connection without password for which wps dumper apps are available Get it for wps wpa tester!.During these challenging times, we guarantee we will work tirelessly to support you. We will continue to give you accurate and timely information throughout the crisis, and we will deliver on our mission — to help everyone in the world learn how to do anything — no matter what.

Thank you to our community and to all of our readers who are working to aid others in this time of crisis, and to all of those who are making personal sacrifices for the good of their communities. We will get through this together. This wikiHow teaches you how to add a secondary router to your home or small business network. If you want to add more computers or other devices to your home or small business network but have no available ports, try adding a second router. Spike Baron.

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Your internet provider limits the speed of your internet. Therefore, connecting a second router might not help. Talk to your provider first to see if adding a second router will improve your internet speed or if they can increase your limit. Run an Ethernet cable from the modem to the first router. Run another cable from the first router to your computer. Enable DHCP on first router. Disconnect the first router from the computer. Connect a second router to the computer.

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Disable DHCP on the second router. Assign an IP address to the second router.

stc wifi router setting

Set the SSID and passkey on the second router to be identical to the first router. Power everything down. Connect the first router to the second router. Restart all devices. Did this summary help you? Yes No. David Spritzer. Dwayne Davidson. Log in Facebook LoadingLearn how to change STC wifi password of the modem all models. I will show you a quick and easiest way to change or reset of an STC modem or device if you have forgotten it. The first thing is you have bought a new STC modem or device and want to set a security key.

And the other situation is that you have forgotten your current modem password in and want to recover it. The 1st method is how to know your default username password and change it. The 2nd method is how to reset any modem password provided by STC. So keep on reading to the end of the post. Currently, there are a total of 8 modems by STC. That is it. STC provided a complete guide Link for how you can know or see the default password and SSID for all of the above-mentioned routers and modems.

To reset, the username and password to the default ones just tap and hold the button for 10 seconds and then release it. Then follow the below-mentioned steps. Read More Admin June 6, I am the author and admin of ExptSA.

Connect 4G Router Settings

Jawazat Started Extending Iqama for 3 Months. King Salman to Free Coronavirus Treatment.Single Wi-Fi routers are no match for larger homes.

A secondary router acts as an extender that takes your Wi-Fi signal and retransmits it. Your router will reset, and this is normal.

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Keep holding the button. Step 2 : Now, keep holding the Reset button, and unplug the router. Wait for 30 seconds. Step 3 : Keep holding the Reset button, and plug the router in. Keep the Reset button pressed down for 30 seconds. This can save you some time. Now connect to the router wirelessly. Step 1: First, head to the Wireless section and click the Basic Settings tab.

Step 3 : Set Wireless Network Mode to match your router. We used Potcasting-Repeaterbut you can use whatever name you like. Step 7 : Hit Savebut do not hit Apply Settings just yet. Step 1 : Under the Physical Interface section, make sure the settings exactly match those of your primary router. Almost done! Then, hit Save.

stc wifi router setting

With all of this done, go back to every page you configured and make sure all of the settings are correct. Connect to it, and verify that your internet is working by heading to the Digital Trends website or any other. If it works, you now have a wireless repeater!

Ideally, the repeater should be placed near the dead zone, but close enough to the router to still get a decent signal.Unless you live in a tiny apartment or bungalow, it's rare that a single router can cover an entire home. Rather than complaining to your mate about places you can't listen to Spotify or watch YouTube videos, you can do something about it: turn an old router into an extender that grabs the Wi-Fi data signal out of thin air and retransmits it.

It's easy to reconfigure an old router into an extender so that the device grabs a strong Wi-Fi signal and sends out a fresh stream of data to previously unconnected areas. While it costs next to nothing to do this, don't expect Wi-Fi miracles. Still, it's a good way to inexpensively fill your home with wireless data. We transformed a dusty Netgear R Using Netgear Genie, a free network-management app for Netgear routers, we easily converted the old router into a Wi-Fi extender to add Wi-Fi to a guest room in my basement.

The general process for other routers is similar but not exactly the same. If you have an old router sitting around, check with the manual to make sure the device can be converted into an extender or a repeater, and get specific instructions. If the router doesn't support running as a repeater or an extender using the manufacturer's firmware, there's another way.

If so, chances are that you can indeed use your old router as an extender. Be careful with routers from the Do the math: If you have a Mbps connection and the extender is limited to a peak of 11 or 54 Mbps, you'll likely be wasting most of your bandwidth with an older router.

Only an Finally, Asus AiMesh routers can link together to create a mesh network on their own. There are 17 Asus routers that support the AiMesh tool and can automatically create a mesh network topology to fill a home with wireless data.

You will need to load new firmware to make it work, though. After getting and installing the R's latest firmware and connecting the router to our network with a Cat5 jumper cable, we opened a browser window and typed, "www.

Other router makes will have different addresses or will have actual IP addresses, like See the chart below to find out the details for your brand of router. If these default passwords don't work, you can generally find the correct ones through the manufacturer's product-support pages or on sites like RouterPasswords.

Needless to say, you should change your password as soon as you can to something more secure and we have a handy guide that walks you through the process. If you've set a new password for the router and since forgotten it, go right ahead and perform a hard restart that will wipe all existing data from the system. You typically do this by holding the reset button down for 20 or 30 seconds and then the router will restart.

We used Netgear's Genie software, which is built into the R router, to change the configuration.

How to use MAC Filtering on STC HomeBroadband 102 Modem

Once logged in, go to the Wireless section of the main configuration page. Then, open Advanced Setup and Wireless Repeating at the bottom. Start with the 2. It's a little tricky, but next, you need to type in a static IP address for the repeater. I like to use I keep a handwritten list of static addresses taped to the router to prevent later confusion over IP addresses. Nearly done. Make sure that the subnet mask matches the router's — the subnet mask is what the router uses to determine if the network segment and client are local or remote.

The most common default subnet mask is Before you're done, check off the box for Disable Wireless Client Association and enter the router's MAC address; it's generally on a sticker on the back or underside of the router, or included with the device documentation.


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